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a 20 minute topless fantasy!

A succulent knave called Femme Fatale (Francesca) blows in on an unsuspecting Katrina and delivers her challenge; knowing that Katrina is secretly Super Maiden. Femme Fatale declares that she will meet Super Maiden in the Arena of Champions and vanishes. In another part of the globe, Lisa, exiting her shower, is startled by the abrupt appearance of Black Vixen (Hollywood) a striking tall blonde with high, laced, spiked boots, black corset, and long black gloves. The arrogant blonde beauty offers a challenge to Amazon Queen then evaporates into thin air. Later, when Super Maiden finally appears in the Arena of Champions, she quickly takes control in her battle with Femme Fatale. However, before Super Maiden can vanquish her foe, Black Vixen appears and the two villains use their combined super powers to destroy our overwhelmed heroine. The devilish duo rip our heroine's top down and use their torture gauntlets to sadistically maul Super Maiden's vulnerable mounds of flesh. Leaving our unconscious heroine bound inside the house, the villainesses return to the Arena of Champions where they again use their powers to destroy Amazon Queen. Their power - gloves devastate our fire - haired beauty from one end to the other. Amazon Queen's head, gut, crotch and bountiful, well - sculpted breasts are all targets of devastation as the power - gloved hands totally demolish the white - caped heroine. Will this be the end of our two superheroines? Will this showdown be their ultimate demise? It's a superheroine showdown that culminates in an extremely explosive cliffhanger ending!

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